Counseling Services

Our goal as therapists is to empower parents to create positive changes in their family life and provide the necessary support to help their children grow, develop and succeed.  Individual and family counseling with our licensed counselor, Niki Gori, LAPC, NCC can make all the difference.  Niki takes the time to listen and offers real-life solutions and support for parents and children.  Her areas of expertise include understanding and explaining behavior, behavior management, positive discipline, coping skills, anxiety, parenting strategies, conflict management and social skills.

Individual Child Sessions:

* Coping skills for emotional regulation, anxiety, behavior

* Impulse control

* Leaning to become flexible with change

* Interpersonal skills

* Making/maintaining relationships with family members and friends

Parent/Family Sessions:

* Identify conflicts and anxieties; help family members develop strategies to improve these issues

* Strengthen all family members through therapy based activities to work out problems together and to communicate effectively

* Teach strategies for conflict management and resolution to handle family changes more effectively

* Help parents to better understand their child in terms of development, behavior, emotions and to manage expectations accordingly

* Support parents in their roles as caregivers to children with special needs/challenging behaviors/developmental delays

* Support parents and teach strategies for behavior management; assist with successful carryover of recommended therapy programs


Group sessions are typically 8 weeks long and include 4-8 children depending on the topic and age.  Groups are ongoing throughout the year. Children who are new to PDC Atlanta must do an initial one-hour session with the counselor prior to the start of joining a group.

Group Descriptions and Schedule

Schedule your initial session by contact our office. Contact our office at 770-433-2300 ext 10 for scheduling.