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Medicaid Update

At present, PDC-Atlanta is not accepting New Patients covered by Medicaid. Also, we are not in-network with Medicaid CMOs.

Picky Eating and Problem Eating – Take back your family meal times!  Food should be fun for everyone!

Meal time is so important.  It provides us with nourishment to keep our bodies healthy and energized and it is also an important time for socialization and connecting with our family and friends.  Eating and meal times shouldn’t have to be stressful for you and your child.  If you have concerns about your child’s eating habits, food aversions, and limited diet call PDCA today to get the support you need.  Problems with eating can be due to previous or current medical issues, sensory issues, behavior, and/or oral motor planning problems.  We can help to determine the cause of the eating issues first and then provide the right interventions and strategies to help your child increase the foods in their diet and to begin to enjoy meal times.  Our therapists use a combination of approaches, including the Beckman Oral Motor approach, to work on oral motor, sensitivity, sensory processing, and behavior.  We work as a team with families  to gain a better understanding of the child, the family’s mealtime routines, cultural influences, and parental goals as well as to provide families with the support and tools they need to provide carryover at home.

In-Network Provider Enrollment

Currently we are enrolled as In-Network Providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and United Healthcare.

Tricare Status – We are not In-Network with Tricare, however, most of our Therapists are enrolled as Authorized Tricare Providers, and are accepting New Patients.

Insurance Plans and Coverage

As the new Insurance Plans roll out many parents are experiencing significant changes in benefits.  A prevalent concern is dealing with higher deductibles and co-insurance liabilities. At Pediatric Development Center of Atlanta, whether you are seeking Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy services or both, our experienced Business Office personnel can work with you to better understand your benefit levels and potential out of pocket expenses.

If you have coverage with a carrier other than BCBS, Aetna, or United Healthcare, we can research your Plan for Out of Network benefits and bill for services direct to your Carrier if benefits are available.

If you do not have Insurance coverage, we offer Self-Pay Programs on a Pre-pay or Time of Service basis.  If warranted, our Self-Pay programs can be modified to meet your financial budget.  We accept personal checks, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.  You can also utilize your HSA or FSA Accounts for payment.