Payment for Services

We try to make payment for services as affordable and easy as possible.  We work with each family individually to help them receive the services that their child needs.


Health insurance frequently reimburses for evaluation and treatment services; however, it is best to check with your insurance carrier to determine your coverage and benefit limits and determine if a physician’s referral is required in order to receive services.  We are In-Network providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare and Aetna.  For all other insurance carriers, we will bill your insurance as an out of network provider and bill you for the balance of those services not covered by insurance.

Most other services, such as group therapy, classroom observations, consultation, and parent education are not covered by insurance. For these services, the parent or school requesting the service will be billed directly.

We are able to offer flexibility in establishing payment plans that meet your budget to cover the cost of services not paid for by insurance. We also accept credit card payments with Master Card, VISA, or American Express.

Please contact our office for assistance in determining coverage or to discuss payment plan options.