Speech Language Evaluations

Speech Language Evaluations

Every child undergoes a comprehensive evaluation process to determine his or her strengths, weaknesses, and treatment needs.  Treatment goals are established in collaboration with family members to best meet the functional needs of the child and family.

Frequently Asked Questions about Evaluations:

What’s involved in the evaluation process?
Once parents have contacted our office to set up an evaluation they will have the opportunity to speak with an experienced Speech Language Pathologist to discuss their concerns.  Our Speech Language Pathologists have a wide variety of evaluation tools and will use their professional expertise to choose the appropriate assessments to obtain the most comprehensive evaluation of each individual child.  Prior to the evaluation, each parent must fill out the appropriate client registration forms and parent questionnaire.

During the evaluation at our office the therapist will first meet with the family to go over the information in the questionnaires and ask any follow up questions, if necessary. Then the therapist will evaluate the child using the most appropriate formal evaluation tools. The evaluation tools used will be determined by the child’s age and pre-determined areas of weakness or diagnosis.  In most cases parents can be present for the administration of the evaluation; however, there are some children who perform better without their parents present and this will be determined by the parents and therapist.  Occasionally a child is not able to participate in the formal evaluation, and in this case observation and further interviewing of parents is required to determine the child’s need for therapy services.

How long will it take to get the report?
A written report of the evaluation typically takes 2 weeks from the completion of the evaluation.  However, occasionally there are unforeseen circumstances that can prolong this process.  Please note that the completion of the report depends on receipt of all questionnaires and necessary information from parents and teachers, if required.  Returning the questionnaires in a timely manner will help to ensure that the report is completed on time.

What type of information will the report tell me?
Information included in the report is typically determined by the evaluation tools used.  The report will include results on the performance areas that were evaluated (articulation, expressive language, receptive language, fluency) and discuss the child’s strengths and weaknesses.  The findings of the evaluation, along with parent reports and concerns, will determine the child’s need for services.  If it is found that the child will benefit from therapy the report will also include the therapist’s recommendations for intervention to address and improve the child’s area(s) of weakness.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the evaluation is often covered by most insurance plans.  If your insurance plan does not cover the cost of an evaluation please contact our office for more information.