Parent Courses

“Knowledge is power.” – Francis Bacon

An understanding of your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs is a key ingredient in the recipe for your child’s success.  Parent courses and information sessions are valuable tools to get the vital information that you need to help your child succeed!   We understand that being a parent is one of the most wonderful privileges, but it can also involve some of the greatest challenges and frustrations, especially if your child is struggling and you can’t figure out why.  Raising a child with special needs can present its own unique challenges and many parents can benefit from information and support in tackling these challenges.  We offer educational courses on a variety of special topics to provide parents and caregivers with valuable information and support.

A parent who understands where the problems are coming from, learns the strategies that will help to solve the problems, and feels supported is an empowered parent!  This carries over to making positive changes in their child’s life and development.  

Upcoming Courses for Parents:

  • Sensory Integration & Sensory Processing Disorders for Parents: Understanding your child’s sensory needs
  • Next 4 session course starting August 31st, all sessions are 6:30-8:30pm 
    • Overview of sensory processing – August 31st
    • Sensory regulation – September 14th
    • Is it sensory or is it behavior? – September 28th
    • Sensory Diets and other home strategies – October 12th
  • How to improve handwriting at home
  • Next sessions: September 22nd, October 18th
    • 1 session course offered on a monthly basis; parents may attend more than one session
    • Strategies and resources are provided to improve handwriting through focused practice
  • Homework strategies
  • Organizational Strategies for Children with Attention and Sensory Disorders

To inquire about upcoming courses, costs and to register, please contact our office.

*** All courses are paid in full before the start of the course. Refunds will not be provided for sessions that are missed, but parents may make up the missed course/session when it is offered at a future date.  All costs include one set of materials and for up to two family members to attend.  Additional materials can be provided and/or additional family members may attend for an extra fee.